Is SiriusXM Guardian Worth It

The SiriusXM Guardian is a great way to control and access your vehicle remotely. It also gives you a wide variety of services like ASOS and SOS emergency calls, road assistance, remote operations, family drive alerts, vehicle health report, and more.

Is SiriusXM Guardian worth it? It depends. SXM Guardian has excellent safety, security, and convenience features that are powerful and easy to use. Aside from that, the SiriusXM Guardian is significantly more expensive; however, negotiating the price will be worthwhile.

What is SiriusXM Guardian

The SiriusXM Guardian is a suite of connected vehicle services available through Uconnect. The vehicle with a rearview mirror has SOS and ASSIST buttons means it has SiriusXM Guardian, and you can use SOS in an emergency if you activate and buy its subscription.

The SiriusXM Guardian has a broad range of safety and security features, so you are not unaided on the road.

The Guardian service allows you to check your vehicle statistics, such as tire pressure, oil life, fuel left, and battery life, and you check the vehicle location.

When you buy a new vehicle, the SiriusXM Guardian gives you a free full year of service for the first year from the date of the purchase. The free subscription has all the features (top plane).

The paid subscription starts somewhere around $12.99 to $25.98. The $25.98 is for the top-tier package, which includes every single feature (Convenience + Security Package).

Is SiriusXM Guardian Worth It? Let’s Explore Its Features

The SiriusXM Guardian has a bunch of safety, security, and convenience markers.

SOS Call – If your vehicle gets into an accident or any other medical emergency, press the SOS button so that the Guardian customer care agent can direct emergency assistance to your vehicle’s location via GPS.

ASOS Call – If your vehicle has an airbag and you get in an accident and are unable to respond, the automatic SOS will direct emergency services to your location via GPS.

Roadside Asistance Call – For petty inconveniences like a vehicle running out of gas, a flat tire, or any mechanical issue, you can get help with a roadside assistance call.

SiriusXM Guardian Assistance – If there is a problem with the Guardian service itself, this assistance feature can put you in touch with a Guardian customer care agent to help you figure out your problem.

Theft Alarm Notification – Your vehicle theft alarm is active for any reason. You will receive a text message or email on your cell phone or smartwatch.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance – The SiriusXM Guard is helpful in case your vehicle gets stolen. This service can help the police identify your vehicle’s location.

Remote Vehicle Start – With SiriusXM Guardian, you can remotely start your vehicle from anywhere. You can also remote start your vehicle with a key fob, but there is a certain range for that.

Remote Door Lock/Unlock – You can also remotely lock and unlock the door from anywhere with a mobile phone using the Uconnect Guardian app.

Remote Horn & Lights – You can remotely sound the horn and flash the lights, so you can locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot.

Vehicle Finder – If you can walk out of a shopping mall or any event and forget where your vehicles are, the app can pinpoint the location of your vehicle on the map on your phone/smartwatch.

Family Drive Alerts – This feature is very helpful to keep an eye on your adults.

  1. Speed Alert – When your kid speeds over the maximum speed you set, the SiriusXM Guardian will notify you via text or email.
  2. Boundary Alert – This app will notify you when your vehicle enters or leaves any geographical boundary you select.
  3. Curfew Alert – The SiriusXM Guardian sends you a message anytime driving occurs past your set curfew.
  4. Valet Alert – If your vehicle leaves the set radius, the SiriusXM Guardian will notify you by text or email.

What are the SiriusXM Guardian packages?

There are six different SiriusXM Guardian Packages:

PackageFeatures IncludePrice/Month
Convenience Plus SecurityAssistance + Remote + Security features.$25.98
ConvenienceAssistance + Remote features$20.99
Assist Plus SecurityAssistance + Security features.$18.98
RemoteRemote Start, Lock/Unlock, and Horn & Lights, Send & Go, Vehicle Finder, Search & Go, and Family Drive Alerts ((Speed AlertBoundary AlertCurfew AlertValet Alert).$12.99
AssistASOS and SOS Call, Roadside Assist Call, and SiriusXM Guardian Assist.$13.99
SecurityTheft Alarm Notification and Stolen Vehicle Assist.$12.99

pros and cons of SiriusXM Guardian

SiriusXM Guardian – Pros

  • You can get a free one-year trial with all the features to use (convenience plus security package).
  • very easy to activate and use.
  • It is helpful in an emergency, and you can remotely operate your vehicle from anywhere.
  • You can keep an eye on your adult driving. If your child is driving past their curfew, leaving a boundary you select, or speeding over the set max speed you select you will receive a text or an email on your smartphone.

SiriusXM Guardian – Cons

  • Despite all these features, SiriusXM Guardian is costly. For each and every single feature (convenience plus security package), you have to pay $25.98 per month. And for that price range, it is not worth it.
  • They won’t let you cancel online. You have to call the SiriusXM guardian customer care agent, which is inconvenient.

How do I activate SiriusXM Guardian?

The activation of SiriusXM Guardian is simple and easy. You will need the Uconnect app (You can download the app to your Apple and Android devices) on your phone or smartwatch to use all the features.

Step #1: Press the “GO Activate Services” button on your touch screen or the “ASSIST” button on the rearview mirror. Two options come up at that point. 1. Customer Care, 2. Enter Email.

Step #2: You can follow Customer Care or Enter Email option; both require the same information.

Step #3: Following the Customer Care option, you will speak with a SiriusXM Guardian customer care agent, who will help you.

How to cancel siriusXM guardian

For cancellation of your SiriusXM Guardian subscription, you need to call them at 1-844-796-4827, and they will cancel your subscription.

If you are selling your vehicle or removing your account from the FCA US MOPAR Portal, you need to call SiriusXM Guardian to request the cancellation of your subscription. Otherwise, they will deduct the subscription amount from your credit card.

Can I get Sirius for $5 a month?

There are a couple of ways to get it for $5 a month. The first way is that Sirius has a promotion for new people, like $30 for six months. You will activate the subscription using these promo codes, set the reminder on your phone and cancel the service when the promotion is about to end.

And a day later joined again, put in the promo code found on the internet, and got another six months. Again, set the reminder and repeat this.

The second way is to negotiate the price with Sirius.

FAQs – Is SiriusXM Guardian Worth It?

What does SiriusXM Guardian include?

SiriusXM Guardian includes roadside assistance, remote operations, emergency calls, and a vehicle health report, and you will also get theft alarm notifications, stolen vehicle assistance, family drive alerts, and more.

How to get Sirius Guardian for free?

Sirius Guardian is free for the first full year after you purchase your vehicle. After one year, you will pay for your subscription. You can negotiate the price and pay less; however, there is no way to get it for free after the first year. 

Does SiriusXM Guardian include remote start?

With SiriusXM Guardian, you will be able to remotely start your vehicle, remotely lock and unlock the doors, and remotely turn on and off the headlights and horn. 

How do I know if my car has SiriusXM Guardian?

If your vehicle has an SOS and Assist button on the rearview mirror, it means your vehicle is equipped with SiriusXM Guardian.

Conclusion – Is SiriusXM Guardian Worth It

SiriusXM Guardian has great features for helping you on the road and will never let you alone. Vehicle owners love to have this. You will get a monthly vehicle health report, roadside assistance, family drive alerts, and remote operations, and you can track your vehicle.

The simple answer to the question Is SiriusXM Guardian worth it? If all services cost $10-$15 per month, SiriusXM Guardian is a good investment. However, the SiriusXM Guardian cost is very high, and without negotiating the price, it is not worth it.

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