Jeep Dual Top Group – [Complete Guide]

Jeep Wrangler appeals to the driver because of its convertible aspects. You can choose between a hard-top Jeep, a soft-top Jeep, a new Sky One-Touch Power Top Jeep, and a dual-top Group Jeep. It’s entirely up to which top you opt for.

In this article, we will explain the Jeep dual-top group. So, let’s scroll down.

Jeep Dual Top Group

jeep dual top group

The dual-top group allows you to put both a hard and a soft top on the Jeep. In the winter months, you can run a hard top, and in the summer months, you can run a soft top, depending on your desire.

When you purchase a brand new Jeep from the dealership, it comes with a hard top installed and the soft top is in box located in the Jeep cargo area.

In previous dual-top group Jeeps, the soft top was installed underneath the hard top. It’s also inconvenient because you have to remove the hard top first to remove the soft top, then reinstall the hard top. 

When you have dual top group Jeep you need a safe place to keep the hard top during the storage season.

Jeep Dual Top Group (Pros & Cons)


  1. The dual-top group has the upper hand, having both a hard and soft top, and can maximize the functionality of the Jeep in different seasons.


  1. The dual-top group Jeep is expensive compared to other top Jeeps.
  2. You’ll need a place to keep the top when it’s not in use. The hardtop required more space.

How much extra Will You Pay For The Jeep Dual Top Group?

If you want to purchase a dual top group you will pay an extra $2,000. The dual top group Jeep comes with black color freedom top 3-piece hard top and a premium black sunrider soft top.

And if you want a body-color freedom top 3-piece hard top, you will pay an extra $1200.

What Users Say Regarding Jeep dual top group

Let’s read some feedback from real owners who experience the Jeep dual-top group.

I think the post above covered everything, not sure what I add adds any valve, but as a recent dual top purchaser maybe something will resonate:

1) I think the value of the dual top is worth it if you live in a northern climate. My plan is soft top in spring/summer/fall and hard top for winter (weight of snow). But i think the soft top could handle it.

2) on my JL, it took me about 2 hours to install it. But that was the first time. I think I can get that down to 1 hour next time. I was too careful and even measured the torque of the bolts which burned a lot of time. I figure 1 hour twice a year (on/off around winter) makes it worthwhile.

3) If you leave it folded up it doesn’t take up a lot of room in a basement. I think it would be fine in a garage over the winter if you can ensure you keep critters out of nesting in it.

4) buy a window storage bag… MOPAR makes a good and and it seems BJD Customs makes a GREAT one, but they were OOS when I went to buy. Wish I had their to compare. Check out their site and video. You’ll be glad you did!

5) Definitely have a friend help you with getting the soft top on the soft top frame. Just too unwieldly to manage alone without risking damage to something (or your paint).

6) Your bigger issue may be getting the hard top stored. I did a mount to the garage ceiling, but that project too me a long time and I’m not too excited about getting it down. I’m going to need to invest in a better system that costs $$$.

7) The soft top is boxed in the rear with the seats down… can’t drive home from dealership with more than two people (FYI).

That’s it… I don’t think you’ll regret it. But if you think you can do without the hard top, maybe save the $ and just go soft (premium).


What is dual top group on a Jeep?

The dual-top group means your Jeep has both a hard and soft top. You can change tops whenever you want. The dual-top group Jeep comes with a black Freedom Top 3-piece hard top and a black Premium Sunrider soft top. For the body color of your Jeep, you would pay extra bucks.

Can a Jeep Wrangler have both hard and soft top?

Yes, the dual-top group of Jeep Wranglers has both a hard and soft top. For the winter and summer seasons, you can use hard or soft tops. and make sure to place the top securely, which is not currently used.

Which Jeeps have removable tops?

All of the Jeeps have removable hard, soft, or Sky One-Touch power tops. You can swap a factory top for an aftermarket one.

What are the different types of Jeep tops?

The Jeep has three different types of tops. The hard top, soft top, and Sky one-touch power top are all available.
The hard top comes in three different styles: the 1-piece hard top, the 2-piece hard top, and the Freedom Top 3-piece hard top.
The Sky one-touch power top is a soft top that retracts with just a single button push.

Final words – Jeep Dual top group

The Jeep Dual Top Group includes both the hard top and soft top. With a dual-top, you can maximize the functionality of your Jeep for winter and summer.

The dual-top Jeeps are popular among drivers. However, a dual-top Jeep is more expensive than a hard- or soft-top Jeep. 

If you have a dual top, make sure you have a safe place to store the top that is not in use. 



Dual Top group — what is your experience??

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