Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Mode

According to, the more recent 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s annual fuel cost is about $2500 on average. So it is big money to spend.

Most manufacturers imbed Eco mode (“economical mode”) in their vehicles for Better fuel economy. Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Mode underrates your fuel cost.

There is no set of projected savings on fuel by stimulating eco mode in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. But some manufacturers like Ford 2012 and Hyundai claim by following their Eco Mode driving guidelines, you could enhance fuel economy by as much as 24 percent and 7 percent, respectively.

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What does Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Mode Do?

Eco mode is a fuel-saving feature. When you press the Jeep Grand Cherokee eco mode button, the computerized system shifts the setting to minimize engine power and response for better fuel economy.

By enabling eco mode, the acceleration will slow when pressing the throttle pedal. It shifts transmission automatically to a higher gear sooner and adjusts fuel saver cylinder deactivation, enabling the quadra-lift air suspension system to lower the jeep at a higher speed. Eco mode splits torque to the front and rear axle for better fuel consumption.

REMEMBER: ECO is only available in Auto Mode

Eco mode is disabled when another driving mode is selected or by pushing the ECO button off.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco mode (what’s Pros & Cons?)


  • It improves throttle response, which affects the air-to-fuel ratio and fuel consumption.
  • It reduces the power going to AC and other electrical of vehicle.
  • It can help improve the fuel economy of the Jeep Grand Cherokee by adjusting the transmission shift schedule.
  • It split torque by 50/50 on the front and rear axle.


  • The downside of eco mode is you drive slower, and your Jeep Grand Cherokee is not responsible as it usually feels.
  • If electricals are affected with eco mode, then it is better to turn it off.

How do I put my Jeep grand Cherokee in Eco mode?

It’s very easy to put your jeep grand Cherokee in Eco mode.

First activate the Auto mode using selec-terrain switch. Because eco is only avalible in auto mode. And than you can activate eco mode by pushing the ECO button on the instrument panel switch bank.

When the Grand Cherokee eco mode is activated, the green light will illuminate on the cluster panel.

How do I disengage Eco Mode on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It’s easy as well you just push the button back to its previous position. The green light is off, so you disengage the Eco mode.

Or change the auto mode to any other driving mode, and the Eco mode will automatically disengage.

What Users Say Regarding Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Mode

Let’s read some feedback from real owners who experience the Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco mode.

Sport mode does more than change transmission shift points, if you have QL it will lower the car, it will move torque to the rear wheels up to 80% and reduce ESP intervention. throttle response is supposedly sharper and the transmission seems more responsive.

Eco mode (light on) means it is maximising fuel efficiency, shift points are lower and the transmission tends to be a bit more delayed to throttle input.

Turning Eco off, then selecting sport does nothing different, there are 4 modes. Eco, Eco off, Sport, and manual (flappy paddles).

In mine (19 Hemi Trailhawk):

When ECO is ON, it fights me on moderate acceleration until you really get your foot in it. It will coast much easier for rolling up to lights. It will also allow for 4 cyl. Deactivation.

When ECO is OFF, it’s basically normal driving mode. I can get on it and it goes, the shift points are a little more aggressive, and it doesn’t coast down to lights the same. It doesn’t optimize thegears for coasting. 4 cylinder mode is always OFF, as far as I know.


Does Eco mode actually save gas?

Eco mode is not dramatic in fuel-saving as the manufacturers claim to save 10 to 24 percent of gas.
Yes, it can improve fuel economy but not much, as the automaker claims. Actual and real-time stats and figures show that it can reduce gas consumption by 5 to 6 percent.

When should ECO mode be used?

The best time to use eco mode is when you are in the city and drive at a slower pace. It helps more in the town than frequently stopping and going to move.

Is it better to drive with ECO on or off?

Eco mode will accelerate slowly and reduces engine power and response time. So turning off or on depends on the condition or situation in which you are.
If the road is rocky, slippery, and icy, where you want more engine power, complete response, and quick acceleration, then it is wise to turn off eco mode. But if you are on highways or moving at a slower speed, you want to turn it on to save fuel.

Does Eco mode make your car slower?

The simple answer is yes, eco mode restricts engine power for better fuel economy. Heavy leg on throttle paddle requires more engine power which consumes a high fuel volume. Because eco mode reduces engine power, that way makes a jeep slower.

What’s the difference between Eco and Normal mode?

ormal mode is the average setting of your jeep. In contrast, eco mode is fuel saving setting. The Eco mode button regulates the jeep output to minimize engine demand by sacrificing response, engine power, and others.

Does Eco mode affect AC?

Yes, turning on eco mode affects AC, and you feel the reduction in cooling. Eco mode put AC compressor to automatic cut-off mode and down fan speed to reduce engine demand.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco mode can feel more in the city than driving on mountains, slippery surfaces or urban roads. Eco mode boosts your fuel economy, but it is not a revolutionary feature to save fuel up to 30 or 40 percent.

If you want fun driving, the eco mode is not for you because it reduces engine power and response and accelerates slowly. so if the eco mode is on, you can drive your jeep with
slightly less sharpness.


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