Jeep Renegade Bolt Pattern (2014 – 2023)

Whenever you rotate your Jeep Renegade tires or customize your Jeep by replacing OEM wheels with aftermarket options, you need to know the bolt pattern on your Jeep Renegade.

It is also important to take into account the wheel center bore, the thread size, the tightening torque, and the wheel offset.

In this post, we will cover lots more about the Jeep Renegade bolt pattern. So, Read on…

Jeep Renegade Bolt Pattern

Every generation of Jeep Renegade comes with a 5×110 bolt pattern, which means five lugs in a circle with a diameter of 4.33 inches.

Bolt Pattern formula: [No. of bolt-on wheel] x [diameter of the circle they form]

REMEMBER that the bolt patterns, lugs used, center bore, thread size, and wheel tightening torque specifications do not change for models within a generation.

Jeep Renegade Bolt Pattern and wheel fitment guide (table)

We listed below the OEM size, rim, and bolt pattern used with each year of the Jeep Renegade in the US domestic market to give you an idea of what wheels you can get and what wheels you can’t.

Below wheel fitment guide is for all Jeep Renegade models: Sports, Jeepster, Latitude, Sport, Upland, Freedom, 80 Anniversary, Islander, Altitude, Trailhawk, Trailhawk Elite, Limited, Red, and North

Jeep Renegade
Wheel Size
202316-17″38 – 425×11065.1M12x1.25120 Nm
202216-17″38 – 425×11065.1M12x1.25120 Nm
202116-17″38 – 425×11065.1M12x1.25120 Nm
202016-17″38 – 425×11065.1M12x1.25120 Nm
201916-17″38 – 425×11065.1M12x1.25120 Nm
201816-17″38 – 425×11065.1M12x1.25120 Nm
201716-17″38 – 425×11065.1M12x1.25120 Nm
201616-17″38 – 425×11065.1M12x1.25120 Nm
201516-17″38 – 425×11065.1M12x1.25120 Nm

How to measure Jeep Renegade’s bolt pattern?

It’s very simple to measure a bolt pattern; you just need measuring tape.

As we mentioned earlier, the Renegade has five lug nuts. Therefore, choose any bolt on the wheel and measure from the outside edge of the lug hole to the center of the opposite bolt. This measurement gives the diameter of the circle the bolts form.

How to measure a bolt pattern

The diameter and number of bolts give you the bolt pattern of Jeep Renegade.

How to Tighten your Jeep Renegade Lug Nuts?

When you remount the wheel/rim, it’s important to follow the wheel tightening torque specifications mentioned in the owner’s manual. The Jeep Renegade recommends that you bolt these nuts in the way that’s shown below. You have to follow a crisscross bolt-tightening pattern.

How to torque lug nuts

Jeep Renegade Lug Conversions

You can convert 5-lugs to four or six lugs using a wheel adapter. The wheel adapters are similar to wheel spacers, but they can change the bolt pattern of your Renegade. Some adapters keep the same spacing, while others will change your Jeep Renegade’s stance.


Jeep Renagade Wheel PCD

All the Jeep Renegade BU has pitch circle diameter (PCD) or bolt pattern is 5 x 4.33 inches (5 x 110 mm). The 5 indicate number of bolts on the wheel and 4.33 number indicate the distance between lug nut.

Jeep Renegade Wheel Offset

The offset is the distance between wheel hub-mounting surface and the center of the wheel. The Jeep Renegade OE wheel size of 16 –17 inches having wheel offset range of 38 – 42 mm.

What size tires fit a Jeep Renegade?

Depending on its year model and trim level, the Jeep Renegade comes with a range of OEM tire sizes, including 16-inch and 17-inch tires.
OEM Tires: 215/65R16, 215/65R17, and 215/60R17

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk bolt pattern

The Jeep Renegade Trailhawk comes with a 5×110 bolt pattern, which means five lugs in a circle with a diameter of 4.33 inches.

Jeep Renegade latitude bolt pattern

The Jeep Renegade latitude comes with a 5×110 bolt pattern, which means five lugs in a circle with a diameter of 4.33 inches.


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